Boeing marks 10 years of local R&D

BR&T-Australia developed technologies include augmented and virtual reality training tools.

Boeing is marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Boeing Research & Technology Australia (BR&T-Australia).

Established in 2008, BR&T-Australia has worked with government and university partners to lead and collaborate on major technology projects spanning advanced manufacturing, autonomous systems, defence, and virtual reality/augmented reality systems.

“Our BR&T-Australia team strengthens our business by ensuring that the best of Australian innovation and technology enhances our world-leading products and services,” said Boeing’s chief technology officer Greg Hyslop.

“We look forward to the many breakthroughs our BR&T-Australia team will deliver in the years to come.”

The BR&T Australia team has 85 researchers based at three sites in Brisbane and Melbourne, including one embedded with the University of Queensland.

“Embedding our researchers within the university environment cultivates close collaboration between the business and academia,” general manager of BR&T-Australia, Michael Edwards said.

“Boeing’s investment in R&D in Australia is adding value, creating new products, improving efficiencies and developing exciting new domestic and international business opportunities for Australia.”