Australian Aviation reader survey

UPDATE – For readers who prefer not to use Facebook, you can now complete our survey online here.

Australian Aviation is conducting an online reader survey.

We’re committed to delivering the best content in aviation to you, our community and readers.

As such, we’re keen to have you tell us what you want more of in each edition of the monthly print magazine and through our digital channels.

To access the survey via Facebook, please click here or to access it via the Survey Monkey platform, click here.

Thank you for your feedback and support, we look forward to hearing from you.


  1. says

    Only to do the survey on facebook, I don’t use facebook? But will still note my selections

    More airline and commercial aviation
    Less Miltary
    More human interest stories
    More news
    More technical content and expert columns (but far less of the long boring dreary Association internal reports drafted as articles)
    More flight tests
    More international content

    Other: Don’t lose Traffic, one of the very unique areas of the magazine and one of the things I really look forward to every month, Very disappointed you are considering losing this area.
    More local content

  2. Brad says

    Cannot access without having a facebook account, I’m not interested in having a facebook account. (the facebook concept is a severe breech of privacy)

  3. Peter J CESNIK (QF Staff no 553370 /02/06/71 - now retired says

    I am a retired FSO officer who worked for 32 years with TN/QF. The AA is one of my favourites media releases. By post I receive AA as well. This is later disseminated to various aviation enthusiasts as well as professional flyers at Adria Airways (JP) and Faculty of Engineering In Ljubljana Slovenia (the aviation division) I hope you do not mind. Keep up the good work…

  4. Robyn May says

    As a retired Airline Pilot I do appreciate your weekly email.
    Despite being retired we all tend to lead busy lives.
    AA email is a quick update of news in the present aviation community.
    Well covered.
    With a son following in both his parents careers it stimulates our weekly conversations.

  5. says

    Hey guys first off thanks to BOO who has bought more defence articles in. We need more overseas military news as well. A lot less airline news would be great. You guys are doing a fantastic job tho and keep it up. I have been reading for decades. Cheers from Warhawks!

  6. tim says

    Can we no do this a normal way instead of using facebook, eg email

    can you do set up a link on your own page to get peoples views on instead.

  7. john doutch says

    Oh boy, you lot have opened a Pandoras box me thinks. I have been reading the mag for 20 plus years, it means a lot to me, the current layout and content is fine, I now receive the digital copy monthly and love the “daily” news feed. I would love the feature “on the airbands” to come back, and I fear this mag is being slowly taken over by the “military”. Boo, love your ideas, but please leave it alone. If you want a military mag, then print a new mag. The current mix is just right, please leave it be. A big ditto to Steven Duttons comments above. I wont be doing the survey on facebook or any other social media for personal reasons.

  8. Trucky Greg says

    Ditto for no Facebook. I personally love the mag as is but as John above says I also would like “on the airbands ” to return. I buy other military mags to get my “fix” so don’t need any extra military content. Otherwise keep this GREAT mag commin.

  9. Peter Bourke says

    I have a facebook account and started the survey. Didn’t get pasrt question 1 when I saw that ‘Poll’ would receive my details. Don’t know who or what ‘Poll’ is and I don’t care – I am not prepared to share friends list etc because my friends don’t get the chance to opt in. A very happy reader of Australian Aviation since it’s inception but will not complete the survey in this manner.

  10. George says

    Same comments as previously mentioned re having to do this survey on Facebook – no thanks. Apart from that I do enjoy reading the articles, keep up the good work.

  11. says

    I myself don’t have Facebook because of it being a privacy breach and for my own security concerns. I forgot to say yes bring back on the airbands. Keep up the military part at all costs guys, because before BOO came in it was 90% GA and airlines. Starting to balance out well now because of more military news. Again thanks guys for a great mag.

  12. Mick C says

    This is an Aviation Mag but some people want to leave out the Organization with the largest (by numbers) most diverse fleet in Australia that operates just about every different type of Aircraft from Fighters to Helicopters to UAVs and large Airliners.
    Go figure

  13. Allan says

    Dont` believe in facebook will never use facebook. Keep the mag as is, it has the right balance between all sectors of aviation regardless of where in the aviation world your loyalties are. Been reading the mag since i was a teenager and am now mid fifties keep up the great work.

  14. Scott says

    Can we have a lot less Qantas stories (this magazine has turned into a Qantas advertisement publication) and a lot more of other airline stories.

    There are other airlines out there Australian Aviation…………….

  15. John says

    Agree with the key comments above. No Facebook, you must understand many of us think it is hopeless in many ways. Generally I like the presentation as it is, but the military side is such a specialist area, perhaps if you are strong into that, get separate mags. So I could do less with that.
    Don’t lose traffic, without that much key info is lost. You WILL lose readers if you lose Traffic.

  16. Christian Boo Boucousis says

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I am definitely steering away from becoming a “military” magazine and that isn’t our intent. In this magazine we focused on drone use and hi tech VTOL, which happened to be military as these applications are yet to make there way into civilian aviation at the level we’ve covered.

    We aren’t losing Traffic! We all love the column, we are moving it to the website to make it easier to use, more timely and open the platform to get as many contributions as possible. We’ll be calling it “Gordon’s Traffic” as a nod to the wonderful work he has done over 30 years and hopefully will continue to do for us. Over the next 12 months we’ll be moving the whole Traffic archive across to our website so you can easily access aircraft types, registration and dates.

    Please keep sending your feedback in, we get the message on Traffic and Register loud and clear!

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis

  17. Christian Boo Boucousis says

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. It’s a good idea to get a non-FB survey out there. We’ll get the survey out in a different form by the end of the week. We’ll ensure we achieve a balance of content over a twelve month period. Some months will have more of one thing, the next month something else!

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis

  18. Christian Boo Boucousis says

    Scott we share your frustration! It’s hard to get anything from the other airlines and QANTAS shares a great deal of information with the media (not just us), they are also in the process of buying new aircraft and routes, so a lot going on. We are covering Alliance next month, so stay tuned…

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis

  19. Christian Boo Boucousis says

    We’ll keep it as balanced as we can Allan, thank you for your feedback.

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis

  20. Christian Boo Boucousis says

    Thanks Trucky! Do you know someone who can help us with on the airbands?

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis

  21. says

    Hi there BOO, I am sure I could give you a hand with on the airbands. Like I said Thankyou for more military articles because I did find it was way to much airline news. As soon as I saw you coming into AA I knew there would be more mil articles. Thanks again for your valuable contribution, it’s been fantastic. I am sure you have my email so feel free to email me anytime about on the airbands. Say hi to Camel for me. Cheers.

  22. Patrickk says

    Can we make the articles particularly the defence ones less technical and acronym ridden. Plain English please.

  23. PAUL says

    Have been reading this mag for over 35 years now, I think its fair to all we have 50/50 news & articles for Commercial/Military & where possible for Fixed /Rotary wing. A section or articles on advances in Engine design/news & other areas such as advances in Airframe technology & Avionics. Air Forces Monthly has some good examples. News on Defence partners is good & articles on Airshow’s/Exercises etc. Keep up the good work.!

  24. Trucky Greg says

    At “Boo” Sorry I can’t help there but I do have one to kick you of with if it does get up n running. Back in 72 or 74 we where doing a RIMPAC Exercise with the old “Constellation”(USNavy), our Skyhawks were going over to their ship, theirs were coming over to the old “Mighty M” Melbourne. As their A4s flew over it was heard on the airband ” You don’t expect me to land on that Goddam postage stamp do ya”