Hobart runway extension complete

Hobart Airport is looking for new flights to Asia and to consolidate its position as the gateway to the Antarctic after the completion of its runway extension.

The project, part of Hobart Airport’s master plan which was approved December 2015, involved lengthening Runway 12/30 by 500m to 2,751m, with a 150m extension at the northern end and 350m at the southern end.

The runway extension also included the relocation of navaids, the construction of jet blast walls, and the extension of the airport’s HIAL (high intensity approach lighting). There were also some associated road works.

The works were recently completed ahead of schedule, enabling aircraft such as the Boeing 777 or Airbus A330 to takeoff with a full payload of passengers and fuel. This would open up destinations in the Asia Pacific.

“The extension will immediately increase our reach as an airport, enabling direct flights from Hobart to South East Asia as an example, and will also enhance Hobart’s role as a gateway to the Antarctic,” Hobart Airport chief executive Sarah Renner said in a statement.

“The runway extension will now allow large, fully loaded aircraft to travel directly from Hobart to the ice continent, making Hobart an extremely competitive Antarctic gateway.”

The Minister and Hobart Airport’s joint statement said the airport had representatives in discussions with airlines to negotiate international flights.

Further, Hobart Airport was also planning to develop a freight handling facility to enable local producers to send their produce direct from Hobart to international export destinations via air freight.

The $40 million runway extension was funded by the Australian Government, which committed $38 million to the project, and Hobart Airport, which provided $2 million.

Hobart Airport handled 2.52 million passengers in 2017, up 40 per cent from 1.8 million in 2009.

A video of the runway extension, released by Hobart Airport and the Minister’s office, can be seen below.


  1. Lechuga says

    Can almost guess Singapore will be looking into it, if not their aircraft maybe Scoot.

    But I think it’ll be a Sin- stop – Hba route if it were to spring up.

  2. Jaxon says

    I think you mean High Intensity Approach Lighting (HIAL) as opposed to High Intensity Runway Lighting (HIRL)…sorry for the nit-pick, but need to be right on such things!

  3. Craigy says

    Apart from an a320/b738 service to NZ I just don’t see the passenger numbers to support services to Asia with heavy jets

  4. Rik says

    All sounds good, but with one of their busiest domestic periods on record this summer and reports that aircraft had to wait for parking bays/stairs for up to 45 min on some occasions, what chance is there that an aircraft like an A330/B777 with a larger wing span can actually park at the terminal and be turned around quickly for its return leg.

    If they want International flights, major expansion of the apron/terminal area will be required sooner rather than later.

  5. Arkair says

    I agree with lechuga. Any international flights into Hobart will be by foreign airlines not Australian. Singapore airlines probably the front runner. How about Singapore- Canberra- Hobart or Singapore- Alice Springs- Hobart using silkair 737max?
    Air NZ should fly a320 Auckland- Hobart at least a couple of times per week

  6. Arkair says

    There is a market for tourism from asia into Tasmania. Singapore airlines did operate a number of very successful A310 charter flights from Singapore to Hobart in early 90s! If i rember correctly they made a refuelling stop enroute but can’t remember where.
    Tourism inbound is often forgotten about when looking at potential new routes.

  7. David says

    It’s a sad fact that Australian airlines haven’t the planes to add services to NZ or other international ports. A pity, as many of us are loyal and patriotic to Australia. The other issue here is the HBA airport terminal. It really needs to be upgraded with aero bridges before anyone will take it seriously.

  8. ian says


    Low frequency seasonal flights to Asia & even usa could work from HBA. Am talking 1-2 flights a week in busy periods like school holidays.

    Toowoombas Wellcamp are talking nonstop passenger flights to Asia & North America & there population base must surely be less.

  9. Tropicalcat says

    Shocking waste of taxpayer funds.

    Who else would build something for a need that doesn’t exist.

    History has shown that International visitors prefer to come and go via a mainland port.

    As others have pointed out the parking and terminal are not up to International standard either.

  10. 4WDazza says

    Has anyone else noticed that airports servicing aged retirement locations are the airports without air bridges? Passengers that require mobility assistance are exposed to the weather and must rely on slow forklifts to board:
    Hobart, Launceston, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

    Tourism may be important but lets build some infrastructure that benefits the residents and passengers first.
    Update the Hobart terminal with air bridges and lounges.

    I don’t need assistance today but maybe in 20 years I may, perhaps its time to start lobbying for the HBA air bridges now.

  11. colin campbell says

    And all that money spent and STILL no parallel taxiway? Backtrack if you like!
    No regard for ATC requirements.