First repainted QantasLink Fokker 100 emerges

VH-NHP arriving into Perth. (Dylan Thomas)

The first Fokker 100 operated by Qantas’s regional arm QantasLink has emerged from the paintshop.

Fokker 100 VH-NHP is pictured here flying into Perth Airport on Wednesday after repainting with Douglas Aerospace in Wagga Wagga. Flight tracking website Flightaware shows that VH-NHP had arrived in Wagga Wagga for repainting on June 9.

VH-NHP is one of 17 Fokker 100s operated by Qantas-owned, Perth-based Network Aviation under the QantasLink brand on intrastate WA RPT and fly-in/fly-out resource industry charter flying.

The new Qantas livery was launched with the reveal of Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ in October 2016, while the first Boeing 737-800 to be repainted in the new scheme re-entered service last week.

Another view of VH-NHP. (Brenden Scott)


  1. twodogs says

    It looks great. However I wish they’d invest their money into other parts of the business. A rebranding costs a lot of money – new paint jobs (200 frames), new uniforms (shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jumpers, lanyards, ASICs), new signage, new website…

    How many times have other such recognisable brands such as Toyota changed their logo over the past 30 years? Not once.

  2. Hmm says

    Had to look twice, thought old mate had grown a 2nd leg! – is that the speed brake open?

  3. Ben says

    Overall I’m not a fan of the new livery but for QFlink this actually looks quite good. I think it must be the typeface with the offset between the dark QANTAS and the red LINK. I still think they need to put paws on the roo. However as far as colour schemes go it is more interesting than the QF mainline fleet. Mind you it doesn’t take much to make a Fokker look classy. I imagine the 717s will look similar when they are rolled out.

  4. zac says

    I still really hate the new roo, it looks nothing like a kangaroo, the rest is ok though and its good to see the F100s finally starting to get the Qantas colours though

  5. Bidgee says

    While it arrived in Wagga on the 9th of June but it didn’t enter the paint shop hangar until the 21st June (due to another aircraft being painted). So it was out on the 18th July, 27 days for it to be stripped and painted.

  6. JR says

    Why is an airline like Qantas still flying planes this old? Surely QantasLink can buy some CRJ’s or Embraers?
    What gives?

  7. Al says

    Whilst I agree with you, perhaps Toyota was a bad example. Their current logo has only been in place since 1989 and during my lifetime they have had 4 different logo’s plus there were others in the years prior.

  8. Rhino says

    How dare Qantas support Aussie jobs. Why wasn’t this painted in Singapore like the first B737?

  9. jsfg says

    @twodogs, Toyota’s current logo was brought in during the 90s so they have changed in the last 30 years. 80s and some 90s car had a stylised “T” rather than the bull horn in a circle logo we see now.

    I do otherwise agree with what you’re saying though. This Qantas re-branding is a waste of money and looks pretty much the same anyway.

  10. AVGEEK says

    Thanks Bidgee.

    27 although less than 40, is still a long time compared to the 14 days is took for the B737 that’s just come out of Singapore.

    Qantas Link / Network must be sitting flush with aircraft if they can afford to have one sitting on the deck for nearly two weeks before it’s slot!

  11. william says

    Kinda odd that the main line has QANTAS on the bottom/belly but not on the regional fleet

  12. Calvin Tsang says

    ASIC cards are not usually updated, and I don’t think the uniform is changing either. It’s just the logos, but yes, it does cost money.

  13. Craig says

    I was wrong. The roo in the circle is on the nose. In this case just below the rear cockpit window

  14. AlanH says

    JR, Qantas doesn’t actually own the F100s as it was Network Aviation that acquired them (admittedly now a subsidiary of Qantas). But with the fitting of modern engines (the originals were very loud and thirsty) and a total makeover inside they make a lot of sense for the job they do (chiefly FIFO) and probably came at a bargain price which left a lot of leftover moolah to have them all repainted!

  15. Richard says

    surely one of these F100’s would be the perfect aircraft for Wellcamp to Sydney rather than a dash 8 ?

  16. Craig says

    @AlanH You are partly right. Network and a few F100s when Qantas purchased the company to supplement their FIFO operations. After Network was purchased, Qantas announced the purchase of more F100s to add to the fleet.

    The F100 has always been fitted with the RR Tay engines. The F100 is a stretched version of the F28 which had fuel thirsty RR Spey engines.

    Network have taken delivery of additional F100 aircraft in the last 12 months in Qantaslink livery from Alliance.

  17. Scotty Hall says

    I saw it before it left Wagga Looks good! To Avgeek yes it arrived on the 9th but was early so was parked out of their hangar I don’t think it was in their hangar for too long but did sit outside once completed for a week too I think… I work on the airport and got a close up on the new regional roo. Looks great. A rebrand is sometimes as good as a new face/holiday. So long as Safety is maintained it will make a great looking AC for the next few years.

  18. Ben says

    Butchering of the roo’s arms aside… I’m not a fan of the new font… looks too like ‘Comic Sans’ for a major airline to be using!

    @Richard, It probably would be good for BWW-SYD… except that the F100’s are all in WA.

  19. Richard says

    What an utter shambles this brand is.
    A kangaroo that looks nothing like a kangaroo.
    Old roo on some but not others.
    Qantas on the belly on some but not others.

  20. Skystar says

    William the first 737 VXM in the new livery does not have the Qantas painted on the belly.

  21. Rocket says

    @ twodogs…

    ASICs and lanyards, etc. only get re-issued as they wear out or expire. It takes 10 seconds to upload a logo image into a master file for an ASIC.

    Aeroplanes are usually repainted over time, although understandably Qantas wants to have it all done by their Centenary which only happens once every 100 years so fair enough.

    Other items such as uniforms, etc… there is no uniform change… badges, etc. are a few cents at most in the quantities Qantas orders them and in any case they will only be replaced in the normal cycle in which case they would have been producing new ones anyway.

    The design costs are usually the highest. I can ‘live’ with the new livery, I personally think the 1984 version was the best resolved. This works also BUT I think it would be better if the A330 and 737 had the word Qantas UNDER the windowline instead as on the A330 it looks as though it’s disappearing into the clouds because of the angle of the fuselage and the 737 it looks wrong above the window line. Ansett did this with the Ansett full stop livery in the 80s with some aircraft having the name above the window line and others below.