Can you name that plane? Qantas asks public to name its 787s

Can you name that plane?

Qantas has called on the general public to suggest names for its forthcoming fleet of eight Boeing 787-9 aircraft, which it says it wants to name after “Australian icons”.

The airline has published a page on its website where anyone can provide eight name suggestions for the 787s, the first of which is due for delivery in October this year.

“We want their names to reflect the true Spirit of Australia, so your suggestions should be around people, places or things that reflect the depth and breadth of this place we all call home. It could be a notable person, a ground-breaking invention, a piece of our culture, a saying, a man-made or natural landmark, anything that sums up what Australia means to you,” the name-the-plane webpage reads.

But aspiring plane namers will need to be quick, as entries will close on Friday May 26. From then a shortlist of 24 names will be released with the public asked to vote for their favourites before the final eight are announced.

It is also worth noting too that the successful entrants will hand over all rights to the use of the names.

“Entry details remain the property of Qantas and will not be returned to the entrant,” the fine print on the Qantas website reads. “The winners agree to grant Qantas a perpetual and non-exclusive licence to use their entries in all media worldwide and the winners will not be entitled to any fee for such use.”

Qantas has eight 787-9 Dreamliners on order, with options for a further 35. The airline has a long-standing tradition of naming its aircraft, mostly after Australian cities, towns and places. Exceptions in the current fleet include the Airbus A380s, which are named after prominent Australian aviation pioneers, the original Retro Roo 737-800 which is named after former airline CEO James Strong, and the New Zealand-based, Jetconnect-operated 737-800 subfleet, which is named after New Zealand pioneers.

Further information on Qantas’s aircraft naming conventions can be found here.



  1. Andrew Ewen says

    Dazza, Bazza, Shazza, and Gazza for the first four? Can’t get much more Australian than that, can you 😉

  2. K Watson says

    I suggest something like “John West” since they are a sardine manufacturer and that name would be entirely appropriate for the 787 economy class and the onboard toilet facilities.

  3. Adrian P says


  4. Vannus says

    Can’t get better than an Australian icon than naming the first aircraft ‘QANTAS’.

  5. GBRGB says

    “Thurston,” and they can paint the front of the plane to look like head gear.

  6. Robert BAYLISS says

    Secondary name. “Terra Australis”. With the individual aircraft being given the name of an animal unique to this great country.

  7. Kae Bulmer says

    I would like to see one of them named after the first Australian woman pilot Nancy Bird Walton

  8. Rodney Marinkovic says

    Greetings from Rodney Marinkovic, winter residence. Home of Qantasville I.
    Kings Park Sydney Australia

  9. says

    @Kae Bulmer – Qantas in fact named its first Airbus A380 after Nancy Bird.

  10. Vannus says

    To ian above……

    No, QANTAS is not just another airline! It’s a true Aussie icon!

    It’s our National Carrier, of which we can be very proud in many respects’, will turn 100 in 2020, & is the oldest Airline in the English-speaking world.

    It has also been awarded the coveted ‘Cumberbatch Trophy’ (Google that!) TWICE!
    That’s a feat which hasn’t been achieved by ANY other Airline!

    Hooray! for the ‘Flying ‘Roo’!

  11. Henrietta says

    To Rodney Marinkovic, comment above……..

    Many of the names you’ve suggested have already been used on older QANTAS aircraft, going back many decades’, including ‘Flying Boats’.

    You should read the trilogy of books on the Company, by Sir Wilmot Hudson Fysh, one of QANTAS’ founders’, starting with ‘QANTAS Rising’.

    Names’ aren’t used more than once.

  12. Colin says

    Connie Jordan who in 1942 became Qantas’ first female licensed ground engineer. A trained music teacher she also held a pilot’s licence and raced an MG in open competition – the first female in Queensland to do so. A real ‘can do’ person.

  13. Mick181 says

    Should name one Harry Houdini(yes that one) who believe or not was on the 18 March 1910 the first person to make a powered flight on Australian soil, at Diggers Rest in Victoria in a plane brought out from Germany.

  14. Will Shakespeare says

    Use some interesting thought provoking names?
    e.g. Gondwana Spirit or Bird

  15. Andrew says

    Daydream, Dream-time, The Land Down Under, Great southern Land and also name after remarkable Qantas pilot. .Richard De Crespigny (QF32 pilot)

  16. Shelley Hampton says

    As in the wonderful Aussie iconic movie The Castle. ….”How’s the serenity?”… .-
    Call them SERENITY

  17. Zarg says

    How about, “Don Bennett”. If you don’t know who he was, look him up! Clue: Would not be a popular name in Nazi Germany!!

  18. franz chong says

    I started thinking past and present Neighbours characters in all this SCOTT,CHARLENE,BILLY,ANNE,PIPER,TYLER,SONYA,NELL as possible contenders in all of this.

  19. Franklyn says

    How about:

    Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Sydney Opera House
    Jenolan Caves

    Great Barrier Reef
    Ayer’s Rock
    The Olgas
    Bungle-Bungle Ranges
    Katherine Gorge
    Wilpena Pound

    Murray River
    The Great Barrier Reef
    Barossa Valley
    Clare Valley
    Margaret River

  20. Steve Bowman says

    Time to turn to a music theme \

    AC/ DC

    mix genre across our diverse musical heritage

  21. Rosemary says

    Kath & Kim,Lawn Hilll, flagstaff Hill, Botany Bay, The Top End, Out West,She’ll be apples,
    Dame Mary Gilmore