Grollo and DST Group agree to collaborate on aerial target technology

Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne has announced a collaboration agreement between the Defence Science and Technology Group and Grollo Aerospace to provide Defence with an enhanced capability for evaluating air defence systems.

“This partnership will improve the performance of Grollo’s autonomous supersonic aerial target Evader, which replicates the flight characteristics of advanced airborne threats,” Minister Pyne stated. “The key objective is to enhance this autonomous air vehicle technology and maximise its utility for Defence applications.”

The agreement was signed by Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky and Mark Grollo, managing director and chief engineer at Grollo Aerospace, during the Australian International Airshow.

The company is working towards a demonstration of Evader in 2018.

“This collaboration will address the worldwide demand for an affordable means of evaluating the performance of weapons systems against modern threats,” Minister Pyne said.


  1. Allen Hamilton says

    Does this complement the GQM-163 Coyote or does this cover a whole different spectrum of capabilities?

  2. Charles Falkiner says

    Couldn’t agree more. We have lots of talent that needs to be encouraged by the government with seed money and industry/services collaboration. The services should put out a wish list, no matter how far-fetched and ask for proposals

  3. Hayden.R says

    I think it needs to be innovation, innovation, innovation, thats what australia needs. That way there’s more innovation and it sounds better.

  4. Corey says

    Why not buy a fleet of the Boeing QF-16?? Would be a good fighter trainer being able to use live or dummy rounds. Using the block 50 version of the F-16 it would allow out fighters and other branches to train at much cheaper costs while also testing and evaluating new defense technologies. It uses the same engine as the F-18s and F/A-18 Super Hornets so maintenance would be cheaper.

  5. Jasonp says

    “It uses the same engine as the F-18s and F/A-18 Super Hornets so maintenance would be cheaper.”

    No Corey, it doesn’t…

  6. Raymond says

    Why not this, why not that…? Dollars and priorities.

    Seriously, how many countries can afford an aggressor fleet, let alone Block 50 QF-16’s?

    Somebody’s on the Red Bull and red cordial again. Get real.

  7. Hayden.R says

    could the PC-9s be both launch aircraft and targets, or maybe, if RAAF gets the TX, they could use the hawks!