Matt Hall Racing-led consortium settles at Belmont

Newcastle's Belmont Airport has been bought by a consortium of buyers led by Matt Hall.
Newcastle’s Belmont Airport has been bought by a consortium of buyers led by Matt Hall.

A consortium of companies led by Matt Hall Racing has settled its acquisition of the former Belmont Airport site on Lake Macquarie near Newcastle.

The consortium is led by former RAAF pilot Matt Hall’s Red Bull Air Race, aerobatic and corporate flight business, and also includes Airborne, Newcastle Helicopters, and Skydive the Beach. Contracts for the sale were exchanged with former owner Mirvac in May, and the June 30 settlement means the consortium now owns the site.

No new development applications have been submitted for the site as yet, although the consortium hopes to redevelop the site into a thriving recreational aviation hub.


  1. Shaun says

    Well done. Any step taken in the forward direction to helping aviation in Australia is a nice change.

  2. Les Baldwin says

    Will be so happy to see Dalkeith Hilders vision live on and I wish you every possible success. Its so sad to see the airport in its current run down condition and as someone who knew Keith Hilder and have worked on aircraft at Aeropelican I cant wait to see aircraft movements once again.

  3. Steve Riley says

    I hope they haven’t done their dough, what with the new Wyong Airport being approved and all.
    It’s bound to conflict on Wyong airspace.
    Which will drastically impact on who will be able to use Belmont. CTA endorsements only ?

  4. Frank Scott says

    Hopefully we may see the return of a commercial service to Sydney a convenience the area needs.